Subungual hematoma

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Subungual hematoma is a collection of blood under the nail and and the nail bed. There is a strong association with distal phalanx fractures. In the past, complete nail removal and exploration and closure of possible nail bed lacerations was performed. A prospective study of 52 children supports management with trephination alone for any size hematoma.[1]

Subungal hematoma
All blood has been expelled through the trephination hole


  • Simple - no nailbed dislocation, no evidence of an open fracture
  • Complex - associated with a fracture or a nail plate disruption

Clinical Features

  • Blood trapped under nail

Differential Diagnosis

Hand and finger injuries


  • Clinical diagnosis



  1. Trephination
    • Handheld cautery works best - no anesthesia is required
    • Alternatively a needle spun in a drilling fashion
    • Sharp object (i.e. safety pin) heated with flame in an austere environment
  2. If a fracture is present, the digit should be splinted
  3. Instruct patients to soak affected finger in warm water BID-TID x7d


  1. Nail removal only recommended if there is associated nail avulsion or nail fold disruption[2]
  2. Repair nailbed laceration using absorbable sutures


  • Outpatient

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