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WikEM is currently collaborating with Osmosis, a medical education company funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a large bank of medical education questions under an open Creative Commons license. Working with medical students, Osmosis has produced around 650 emergency medicine questions so far. They are now seeking EM residents and attendings to double-check their work and make revisions where necessary. Osmosis is paying EM residents/attendings $1 per question reviewed (marked ready to be pu...

VP Shunts

A 3 year female with history of VP shunt placed several months ago presents with a slight behavior change per parents.

What do you do next? What images are included in a shunt series? What is your differential?

Review this and more: Pediatric Seizures

When faced with the next pediatric seizure that doesn’t respond to first line therapy, take a few seconds to review the second line treatments and dosing in the WikEM page on Pediatric Seizures!… Read more