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Treatment of Ureteral Calculi

Regarding ureteral calculi, which of the following is FALSE?

A. The incidence of kidney stones in the general population appears to be increasing, as does the medical cost associated with this disease.

B. The majority of individuals with urolithiasis have small (<5 mm) stones, located in the distal ureter, that are able to pass spontaneously.

C. Both stone expulsion and time to expulsion of ureteral stones depend heavily on stone size and location.

D. Urologic intervention is recommended for ureteral stones that persist for more than 2 months.

E. A m...

What is the risk of HIV post exposure?

A 24 yo male presents to the ED saying that he had receptive anal intercourse without the use of a condom with an male partner who was known to have had sex with other men. He is also worried because many years ago she was not treated for a needlestick injury. TRUE statements about postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV include which of the following?
 (Choose three answers.)

A. A case-control study in 1997 demonstrated that health care workers who received AZT after needlestick exposures were 81% less likely to undergo seroconversion to positivity for H...

PID and Hospitalization

Regarding pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which of the following is NOT a criteria for which hospitalization should be considered?

A. Pregnancy
B. Tuboovarian abscess
C. Vaginal bleeding
D. A surgical emergency can not be excluded (e.g., appendicitis).
E. The patient is unable to tolerate an outpatient oral regimen.

…an excerpt from The Kaji Review

Demystifying the Editorial Levels of WikEM

All content on WikEM is reviewed by editors who are committed to content quality and correctness.  The WikEM organization is extremely egalitarian with an open and transparent promotion process. The more your contribute to the wiki, the greater your level of influence and recognition within the organization. The wiki software tracks contributions and ranks authors based on contribution

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