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Kaji Review Question: Felons

Regarding felons, which of the following statements is FALSE?

A. A felon is an infection of the pulp of the distal finger or thumb.

B. It differs from other types of subcutaneous abscesses because of the presence of multiple vertical septa that divide the pulp into small fascial compartments.

C. The incision should be made along the radial aspect of the index, middle, and ring fingers, and the ulnar aspects of the thumb and little finger, avoiding the pincher surfaces.

D. Any incision that is made too...

The Wiki: A Key Social Media Tool

Correspondence in Annals of Emergency Medicine about WikEM’s important place in social media:

Blogs, podcasts, videocasts, social networks, and custom search engines are all important resources for stimulating research discussion and improving medical education. However, as acknowledged by Thoma et al, “to make effective use of this stream of knowledge, learners must filter and choose from myriad resources.”2 We suggest that the wiki is a key social media tool t...

Win A Free Review Book

On April 1st The Kaji Review, a 750+ question evidence based review book will launch.  The book covers all major topics in emergency medicine as well as deep dives into landmark papers.  Between now and April 1st we will be giving away a copy of the book to 5 lucky members of WikEM.  All you have to do is join the site and make one edit on the wiki to be eligible...

Kaji Review Question: Burns

Which patient(s) requires burn center/facility transfer? 

A. 35 year old male with partial thickness burns to entire back, shoulders and buttocks

B. 23 year old female with circumferential full thickness burns to right hand and wrist

C. 55 year old male with circumferential partial thickness burns to entire right leg

D. 18 year old female after inhalation injury with multiple partial thickness burns and wheezing, with significant asthma history

E. A, B, C, and D

F. A and B

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