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WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, is a point of care reference available on the web or via our dedicated mobile applications. If you are a medical practitioner, join our contributor community and help edit our content.

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Hyponatremia Review Question

A 60kg female patient is seizing and has a serum sodium of 113 mEq/L with no underlying history of seizures. What should be the treatment of her hyponatremia?

A. Hypertonic saline 3% – 290 ml over 2 hours
B. Normal saline 3% – 50 ml over 30 minutes
C. Phenytoin 1 gram
D. Hypertonic saline 3% – 1000 ml IV bolus
E. Hypertonic saline 3% – 750 ml over 2 hours

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Thromboelastography Primer

The Thromboelastography page contains a great review on TEG and ROTEM values as well as a reference for abnormal measurements of the coagulation curves.… Read more

Automated creation of a critical care reference

One of the reasons we are so passionate about using a wiki for knowledge organization, is the ability to intelligently derive information from other information. The wiki is a dynamic platform.  Caution up front, this post will not focus on medical knowledge as many of our blog posts, but will discuss the technical details of how we used the wiki to automate the creation of 14 pages of data with over 50 medication and equipment doses.   The process provides an example of how placing medical knowledge on a wiki provides an exponential number of opportunities of organization, derivation, a...

April Newsletter

The April Newsletter is available.  It features cardiac ultrasound, the surviving sepsis updates after the most recent randomized trials, lightning injuries and the Kaji Review.

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