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WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, is a point of care reference that can be accessed on the web or downloaded to your mobile device. An international cadre of volunteer medical practitioners keep WikEM current, supported by close editorial oversight.

WikEM is intended for clinicians and not directly for patients. If you are a medical practitioner, please consider joining our contributor community. A project of the OpenEM Foundation, WikEM is supported by contributions from its users. Visit our Donation Page and help make free and open access to medical knowledge possible.

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Mobile Reviews
Thank you for the great mobile reviews.  Comments from the community are important for us gaining visibility in the app stores and also to help us continually improve the user experience. Here are...
WikEM is now Mobile Friendly
Finally!  We know it has taken us a long time to go live with the mobile version of the website.  We have had mobile apps for awhile, but needed some extra time before making the web fully mobile...
August Journal Club
This month we are increasing our ambition and reviewing 2 articles: the PIETHO trial, and the TOPCoat trial.  Everyone will then have access to the three major trials for thrombolysis in subma...

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