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Instructions on prefered format for citing WikEM

Citing Article by Non-Contributors

AMA Style

Citing Article by Contributor (on Resume/CV)

  • Cite the WikEM topic as a chapter in a book titled WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, edited by Ross I. Donaldson, published by OpenEM Foundation in Los Angeles, CA on the date at which you are accessing it.
    • Option One (as names are listed at the bottom of the page):
      • Lu K, Swartz J, Thorstenson C, Donaldson R, Bookatz A. Postpartum hemorrhage. In: Donaldson, RI (Ed). WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, OpenEM Foundation, Los Angeles, CA. February 19, 2015.
    • Option Two (general contribution):
You are under the honor system for having made "substantive contributions" to the article