Harbor:Equipment and supplies (peds)

Resuscitation supplies '
Incubator for neonates Room 4
BOA kit (includes umbilical venous line kits) Room 4 cart (additional umbilical line kits in mini supply room)
Intraosseous kits Med room (ask nurse), ED Pharmacy, needles supply rooms
Intubation trays Trauma rooms and Crit Care rooms 1-4
NP and OP airways Broselow cart, adult in blue difficult airway cart
BVMs with different mask sizes Trauma rooms and Crit Care rooms 1-4
Nonrebreathers Boom drawers (trauma rooms), Carts in rooms 1-4
Glidescope & blades Trauma rooms / Broselow cart & mini supply room(blades)
Glidescope peds stylets Trauma rooms / Broselow cart top drawer & glidescope baskets
C-mac blades Blue difficult airway cart trauma rooms (adult sizes only)
Bougies Blue difficult airway cart trauma rooms (adult sizes only)
Chest tube tray and chest tubes Trauma carts (tubes) and alcove (trays)
Central line kits Trauma carts
Cervical spine collars (peds) Trauma carts, mini supply room
Intranasal medication devices Med room (ask nurse)
Defibrillator Trauma rooms, crash cart in hallway, Room 1
LMA's Broselow cart, adult in blue airway carts
Magill forceps Broselow cart & intubation trays
Jet ventilation kit Broselow cart top drawer, trans-trach needles airway carts
Cricothyrotomy tray Trauma alcove
O negative blood ED Pharmacy
Auto-infuser Trauma rooms
Baer hugger Trauma rooms
Random supplies
Adult ED Equipment for Procedures Equipment
Doppler Nursing station
Dental box Room 10
Slit lamp Room 10, portable in docbox
iCare (IOP measurement) RME (green) docbox
HEENT cart Room 10
Bulb suction Bedside carts
Tongue depressors Bedside carts
Ear curettes Bedside carts
Katz extractors Med room (ask nurse)
Wound culture swab Bedside carts
Specimen cup Bedside carts
Kidney emesis basin Bedside carts
Rapid GAS swabs Docbox on top of safe
LP kits Med room (ask nurse), trauma carts in trauma hallway
Extra LP needles Mini supply room, carts in rooms 1-4
Splinting/ortho supplies Big supply room, ortho carts
Gyn carts Room 14 and 15
Guaiac cards and hemoccult Bedside carts (cards), soiled utility (developer)
Suture carts Rooms 3 and 10
Fine scissors for suture removal Docbox "office supplies" drawer, safe
Nitrous oxide Med room (ask nurse)
Diapers, formula, pedialyte, pacifiers Mini supply room
MDI spacers (aerochambers), peak flow meters Mini supply room
Pediapops Mini supply room freezer, extra in big supply room
Personal protection (face shield, sterile gown) PPE cart in hallway near room 2-3
Child life items Child life cart in hallway near 11-12
Ring cutter ED Pharmacy and AED
G-tubes Top shelf mini supply room or med room
Bili lights Call nursery 2311
Translation video / phone Mobile in hallways / phones in nursing station
Breathalyzer AED purple docbox
Ultrasound machine Hallway outside room 2
Ultrasound gel Clean supply room purple (main AED) side, across from room 10
Intracavitary probe Clean supply room purple (main AED) side, across from room 10
Alarms and Shutoff valves
Fire extinguisher Across from Trauma 6 and Room 10
Wall oxygen valve central controls Across from Trauma 7 and Room 14
Fire alarm wall pull Across from Trauma 7