ED equipment issues[1]

For equipment issues, notify the Area Charge RN to report the issue. Also notify the appropriate director below so they can follow up:

  • Spectralink phones - notify Charge RN to get replacement phone and Dr. A. Wu
  • Ultrasound equipment - notify Dr. T. Jang
  • AED equipment - notify Dr. A. Wu
  • RME equipment - notify Dr. B. Chappell
  • PED equipment - notify Dr. P. Padlipsky
  • IT equipment, including computers and landline phones - place a ticket by using hospital intranet IT support icon or calling in ticket, and also notifying the appropriate area Director above to follow up.

New iCare[2]

This is the new version of our current model. Quick tips for getting started:

  1. To turn on, hold the square button on the side about 2 seconds (it will beep when it turns on)
  2. Insert probe (same as old ones, spares are in the supply room I the special equipment cart); it has a red lens cap to help keep it clean – please replace this after use
  3. The light turns green on the tip when it is level; there will be a warning on the screen if you are too far or too close to the eye
  4. Push the arrow to measure … it will average the measurements (discards highest and lowest of 6) and display in green; if there is too much variability, it recommends repeating your measurement.
  5. Hold the square button down for 2 seconds again to turn it off.

If you get an error message, please email Brad Chappell.

ED equipment locations list

Equipment Location
alligator forceps big supply room (turquoise dot-central line)
anoscopes big supply room (GI/GU/gyn)
bandages (coban, telfa, xeroform, kerlix) big supply room (wound care)
breathalayzer AAED MD worrkroom shelves
cast cutter ask cast room
crutches big supply room (orthopedic)
Debakeys big supply room (turquoise dot-central line)
defibrillator magnet trauma med room
Dopplers AAED 1
endocavitary probes clean supply room, AAED
epistaxis catheter big supply room (orange dot-special order)
eye/ENT box AAED MD workroom floor
EZ-IO needles trauma med room, big supply room (orange dot-special order)
Fiberoptic scopes (disposeable) big supply room (orange dot-special order)
Glidescope trauma 3 (adult), trauma 6 (adult + peds), trauma 7 (peds)
Glidescope blades and Gliderite stylets bottom drawer of advanced airway carts in trauma, big supply room (blue dot-respiratory)
Heimlich valve big supply room (turquoise dot-central line)
i-care AAED MD workroom shelves
interosseous drill trauma med room
intubating laryngoscope trauma 3 CMAC, AAED MD workroom floor
intubation trays

Adult Intubation trays (40); Trauma Rooms 1-5: 15 (3 trays each: 1 in supply cart, 1 in airway cart, 1 on top of the airway cart); Trauma Rooms 6-7: 6 (3 adult trays in each room); Tray Shelves in trauma: 8 trays; Peds Rooms 1-4: 9 adult trays (Rm 1: 3; Rm 2: 2; Rm 3: 2; Rm 4: 2); Airway carts (Acute & Gold): 2 (1 each)

Pediatric Intubation trays (11); Trauma 6-7: 4 (2 each); Rooms 1-2: 2 (1 each); Rooms 3-4: 4 (2 each); Trauma Tray Shelves: 1

Neonatal Intubation trays (7); BOA cart RME: 2; Peds Room 1: 1; Peds Room 4: 4

long (brachial) IVs big supply room (red dot-blood)
long LP needles big supply room (red dot-blood)
Lucas trauma
manual BP cuff clean supply rooms?
merocel big supply room (orange dot-special order)
Minnesota tube big supply room (orange dot-special order)
morgan lens big supply room (orange dot-special order)
NP scope trauma 3 CMAC
portable slit lamp RME provider room
post-op shoe RME clean supply room cabinets
procedure trays (central line, LP, thora/para) AAED supply room, big supply room (turquoise dot-central line), trauma supply carts
ring cutter AAED MD workroom shelving; https://vimeo.com/41435618?from=outro-embed ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8G98lJeEik ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6VTci1Bunk
skin staplers (large and small) big supply room (wound care)
slings big supply room (orthopedic)
sterile vascular US probe covers central line carts, big supply room (orange dot-special order)
stryker AAED MD workroom shelving, needles in big supply room (orange dot-special order), extras in nursing office - ask Overall Charge RN
translator phone no designated spot yet
transport monitors trauma
transvenous pacer AAED MD workroom floor
transvenous pacer catheter AAED MD workroom, trauma med room, big supply room (turquoise dot-central line)
Whitacre LP needles big supply room (orange dot-special order)
wirecutters trauma med room (from sterile processing)
wrist and ankle splints big supply room (orthopedic), RME clean supply room cabinets

supply carts

  • Airway
  • Central Line
  • Suture
  • Precipitous delivery
  • Ortho/splinting
  • General supplies cart in RME 1

See Also


  1. A.Wu Dir AAED 2/14/17
  2. Chappell DIR RME 5-29-18