Fever of unknown origin (peds)

This page is for pediatric patients. For adult patients, see: fever of unknown origin


  • Prolonged fever of unknown origin without identified cause generally has favorable prognosis.

Clinical Features

  • Original definition[1]
    • Fever >38.3 C on several occasions
    • Lasting for at least 3 weeks
    • No clear diagnosis after 1 week inpatient workup
  • Newer definition[2] - "Prolonged fever" with:
    • 3 outpatient visits without identifying a cause or
    • 3 inpatient days without identifying a cause or
    • 1 week of “intelligent and invasive” ambulatory investigation

Differential Diagnosis


  • Clinical (preliminary) diagnosis


  • Treat underlying cause (once identified)
  • Empiric treatment generally not recommended


  • Frequently admitted for workup

See Also


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