Genitourinary trauma

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Upper Tract Injuries (kidney + ureter)

  • Majority of blunt trauma injuries present with hematuria
  • Renal pedicle injuries and penetrating injuries to ureter may not cause hematuria
  • Renal injuries are associated with flank hematoma, lower rib fracture, penetrating wounds to flanks


  • Who to image?
    • Penetrating Trauma
      • Any degree of hematuria
    • Blunt Trauma
      • Gross hematuria
      • Hypotensionand any degree of hematuria
      • Child with >50rbc/HPF
      • High index of suspicion for renal trauma
        • Deceleration injuries even with no hematuria
        • Multiple trauma patient


Lower Tract Injuries (bladder + urethra + genitalia)

  • Often accompany pelvic fracture

Genitourinary trauma

Differential Diagnosis

Abdominal Trauma

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