Galeazzi fracture-dislocation

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  • Radius fracture (distal third) + distal radioulnar dislocation
    • Concurrent Ulnar Styloid fracture is common
  • Caused by FOOSH with flexed elbow or direct blow
  • Arm equivalent of a Maisonneuve fracture

Clinical Features

  • Localized tenderness/swelling over distal radius/wrist

Differential Diagnosis

Forearm Fractures


  • PA: May only show slightly increased distal radioulnar joint space
  • Lateral: Ulna is displaced dorsally
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Galeazzi Fracture


  • Consult ortho in the ED; likely requires ORIF
  • Long arm posterior splint with elbow flexed 90° and forearm pronated
    • Linked image indicates neutral position of forearm, rather than pronation


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