Template:BP Goals in Acute Stroke

BP Goals in Acute Stroke[1]

Stoke Type Target BP
(mm Hg)
Acute ischemic stroke
IV tPA eligble <185/110
During/after tPA <180/105 Monitor BP every 15 min for 2 hr, then every 30 minfor 6 hr, then hourly until 24 hr.
No tPA <220/120
Mechanical thrombectomy ≤180/105 Maintain during and for 24 h after procedure
Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
Unsecured SBP <140-160 Controversy regarding exact number; others recommend <100 MAP
Secured Unclear May depend on ppremorbid BP and presence of vasospasm
Intraparenchymal hemorrhage
Initial SPB 150-220 SBP <140
Initial SPB >220 SBP 140-160
  1. Cocchi MN, Edlow JA. Managing Hypertention in Patients with Acute Stroke. 2020. Annals of EM 75(6):767771