Sunrise Health GME Consortium Program



  • Program Director: David Hart, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Suzanne Roozendaal, DO
  • Research Director: Amber Mirajkar, MD
  • Ultrasound Director: Alexander Daves, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Mountain View Hospital - Community hospital. Stroke and STEMI center, Neuro IR, NICU.

Secondary Hospital

Sunrise Hospital - Near the Las Vegas Strip, patient population consistent with county type hospital. Level 2 Trauma Center, Burn Center, Pediatric ED, PICU, STEMI center, Stroke center with neuro IR, ECMO.


Residents rotate through thirteen 28 day blocks throughout the year. 4 weeks of paid time off are allotted per year that can be taken during EM blocks. Weekly didactics are conducted every Monday with a focus on the Modular Active Learning Curriculum for Emergency Medicine (MALCEM) curriculum which includes pre-read articles, group discussion of the articles, and simulation focused on the weekly topics. Additionally, didactics includes morbidity and mortality, board review, and plenaries by specialists and core faculty. Other educational activities include our annual Southwest Emergency Medicine Conference as well as our “Wellderness” wilderness medicine and wellness event at Valley of Fire.


  • EM Bootcamp and Orientation - July
  • EM - 6 Blocks (split between Sunrise and Mountain View)
  • Trauma - 1 Block (Sunrise)
  • Pediatric EM - 1 Block (Sunrise)
  • Medical ICU - 1 Block (Mountain View)
  • Obstetrics - 1 Block (Mountain View)
  • Anesthesia - ½ Block
  • Orthopedics and Ortho Hand - ½ Block


  • EM - 8 ½ blocks (split between Sunrise and Mountain View)
  • US - ½ Block
  • Pediatric ICU - 1 Block (Sunrise)
  • EMS - 1 Block (Clark County FD)
  • Trauma ICU - 1 Block (Sunrise)
  • Elective - 1 Block


  • EM - 9 Blocks (split between Sunrise and Mountain View)
  • Pediatric EM - 1 Block (Sunrise)
  • Medical ICU - 1 Block (Mountain View)
  • Trauma - 1 Block (Sunrise)
  • Elective - 1 Block


  • Ultrasound
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Wilderness Medicine (Zion SAR)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care
  • Addiction Medicine
  • International and others currently under development


Contact Information

Coordinator: Sarah Anderson:

To apply for an audition rotation visit Clinician Nexus

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Sunrise Health GME Emergency Medicine Residency Website

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