Myositis (peds)

This page is for pediatric patients. For adult patients, see: myositis


  • Influenza is one of the most common causes of viral myositis
  • Rhabdo is unusual but has been reported.

Clinical Features

  • Patients usually have a history of recent illness (fever, URI symptoms, etc)
  • Significant myalgias as starting to improve from constitutional symptoms
    • Most commonly lower legs
    • Can have pain and tenderness in other muscle groups (thighs, arms)
  • Usually look well, but will sometimes walk with wide gait and on their toes
    • When lying in bed, will often keep toes pointed with pain in calves upon dorsiflexion

Differential Diagnosis



  • Total CK
  • UA (for myoglobin)



  • Discharge with close outpatient follow up if CPK <3,000 and able to orally hydrate [1]

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