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Patients who CANNOT follow up at Harbor

  • There is an orange OOP icon (“out of plan/out of county”). Think “oops!, my patient cannot follow up here at Harbor.” Only patients with the green DHS icon are eligible for follow up within the DHS system.
  • MyHealthWayLA has outside resources for PMD follow up.
    • Refer to PMD or HMO plan
    • If patient wants to switch to Harbor network, they must call their insurance company to change it.
    • Some instances, patient's PMD/insurance can give pre-authorization for care at Harbor.

Patients who CAN follow up at Harbor

Primary care or non-urgent (>2 weeks) specialty care referrals

  • Non Urgent PMD referrals: use CCC for all patients with >=1 chronic ambulatory-care sensitive condition, i.e. COPD, asthma, htn, HL, DM, CAD, CHF, seizure disorder. Those that don't quality due to not having an ambulatory care sensitive condition, please give CHC list (each clerk's desk has them). See the separate CCC section for details. If your patient is homeless, can consider scheduling into Lomita FM so patient can leave with appointment in hand.
  • DHS empaneled patients requiring non-urgent specialty care–→ Can refer via CCC, or have them ask their PMD to place an E-Consult. If you’re referring for hernia repair, please document the hernia size and location, and pt’s BMI and comorbidities. If you’re referring for elective cholecystectomy, please document the pt’s BMI and comorbidities.

Urgent Specialty Care referrals (less than 2 weeks):

  • DHS empaneled/LA County uninsured: call specialty service for approval and have clerk book in Orchid
  • Limited Lomita/Family med and expedited workup clinic spots
  • Out of county uninsured: have the patient call 2-1-1 from anywhere in California for a call center/clearinghouse for health services.
  • Insured patients: Refer to their own health plan

Specialty Clinics We Can Book Into After Consultation

Get name of approving physician

  • Ortho
  • Derm
  • ENT
    • Discharge the patient from the ED to ophtho, ENT clinic, Ortho Cast Room, unless you feel they have ongoing medical issues that require them coming back to ED
    • If they require admission, can be admitted from there or sent back to ED
  • GYN UC (often all booked so have to call)
  • Trauma/Acute Care Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Urology
  • Ophtho

Other Clinics We Can Book into

  • Expedited Work Up (see separate section on criteria)
  • Family Medicine (reserve for patient's without reliable phone number or address)
  • Anticoagulation clinic (write ok to overbook per Dr. French)
  • Sport Medicine

Scheduling Outpt Studies

  • Stress Testing
    • Order in Orchid "Treadmill Stress Test", clerk will schedule - check with them to see if we have slots open
  • US or MRI
    • In general: DON’T DO IT!
    • Try and have the service requesting the study order it
  • Outpt Labs
    • Okay in certain circumstances
    • ONLY if patient will have a follow-up appointment in one of our clinics within 1-2 days of the lab draw!

Continuity Care Clinic (CCC)

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