Harbor:Opiate Withdrawal/MAT/BUP

MAT/Opiate Withdrawal/BUP

Qualifying patients

  • Active withdrawal or post-overdose: start buprenorphine in ED via buprenorphine protocol
  • Not in active withdrawal but with opioid use disorder: rx for home start using home initiation protocol
  • Patients with chronic pain and opioid dependence with PMD at Harbor: message PMD AND Christopher Brown AND Gloria Sanchez to link patient to Harbor SUD clinics
  • For pregnant patients - once the primary complaint is addressed (or if primary complaint is pregnant and opiate use disorder/withdrawal), if patient has confirmed IUP please send to OB triage for initiation of Suboxone during pregnancy

Consult Whole Person Care for ALL patients started on or prescribed buprenorphine in the ED'"

Narcan Distribution from ED

  • Available for any patients that meet criteria for Narcan distribution and would benefit from distribution
    • In Code White cabinet in purple doc box, next to the adult airway cabinet, requires key from either senior resident phones or either attending phones
    • Please initial to log the distribution on the clipboard attached, no PHI is required
  • All patients distributed narcan also need it prescribed to the pharmacy for tracking purposes
  • Please document as you otherwise would for prescribing narcan, with the addition of .ednaloxonegiven in your note, which can soon be replaced by .naloxoneEDdistribution
  • Thank you for helping!

BUP/MAT Treatment and Discharge Pathway File:Buprenophine protocol Harbor Nov 2019.pdf

Patient Discharge Handout File:Bup Start (Harbor).pdf

BUP Home Initiation File:Bup home Initiation.pdf

Patient MAT/Buprenorphine Follow Up Options

Insurance Clinic Hours
DHS Empaneled and DHS Eligible (but not Harbor Family Medicine) Primary Care & Diagnostic Center (PCDC)

Basement Clinic C 1000 W. Carson Street Torrance, CA 90502 (424) 306-5670

Clerk should schedule under "HAR-PC-INT MED - Advanced Practices Clinic - New" or

Walk-In: Monday AM or Thursday AM; for any questions, please message Chris O. Brown, MD via Orchid/Outlook/HIPPABridge

DHS Empaneled and DHS Eligible Lomita Clinic

1430 West Lomita Blvd, 2nd Flr Harbor City, CA 90710

Walk-In: Tuesday AM or Friday AM
DHS Empaneled, DHS Eligible, MyHealthLA, Uninsured (No OOP) LAC+USC Medical Center Urgent Care

2051 Marengo St. 2nd Floor D/T Building Los Angeles, CA 90033 323-409-1000


Tuesday – Thursdays & Saturdays 8am-7pm

All Patients Tarzana Treatment Center, Long Beach

5190 Atlantic Blvd Long Beach, CA 90805 Phone 818-654-3933



All patients can call the Substance Abuse Service Hotline 24/7 for more help 1-844-804-7500

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