Hand and finger fractures

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Hand bones


Hand and Finger Fracture Types

Clinical Features

  • History of trauma
  • Pain over fracture site

Differential Diagnosis

Hand and finger injuries



  • XR hand and/or finger(s)
  • Consider need for more proximal or distal plain films


Management & Disposition

Hand Fracture Management Chart

Fracture Splint Disposition
Flexor tendon injury Finger Splint hand specialist referral
Extensor tendon injury Poss ED repair + Finger Splint hand specialist referral
Mallet finger Finger Splint to DIP (DIP in slight hyperextension)
Metacarpophalangeal ulnar ligament rupture (Gamekeeper's thumb) Thumb Spica Splint
Scaphoid fracture Thumb Spica Splint
Carpal fracture Volar Splint
Bennet's fracture (intrarticular fracture at base of 1st MCP) Thumb Spica Splint
Rolando's fracture (comminuted base of 1st MCP) Thumb Spica Splint
Boxer's fracture Ulnar Gutter Splint
4th and 5th MCP fracture Ulnar Gutter Splint
2nd and 3rd MCP fracture Radial Gutter Splint
Finger (Phalanx) Fracture Finger Splint or Buddy Tape

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