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The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of New Mexico is one of the premier programs for EM research and education in the country. Building on cutting-edge clinical care in adult EM, pediatric EM, EMS and critical care, the Department supports a dynamic and innovative array of academic programs. The mission of the Department is to provide outstanding emergency care to patients, to give the very best education possible to EM providers, and to prepare the next generation of EM leaders.


  • Department Chair: Steve McLaughlin, MD
  • Program Director: Diane Rimple, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Gillian Baty, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Christina Price, MD
  • Research Director: Cameron Crandall, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

University of New Mexico Hospital



  • Orientation 4 wks
  • Main ED 16 wks
  • Peds ED 8 wks
  • Anesthesiology/ED*4 wks
  • Trauma/Surg ICU 4 wks
  • Peds Anesthesia/Cardiology 2wks/2 wks
  • MICU 4 wks
  • OB/GYN 4 wks
  • Tox/Ultrasound 4 wks


  • ED/Peds ED 24 wks
  • Cardiology 4 wks
  • Neuro ICU 4 wks
  • Orthopedics 4 wks
  • Orthopedics 4 wks
  • EMS/Ultrasound 4 wks


  • ED/Peds ED 24 wks
  • ED Community/Rural*8 wks
  • MICU or TSICU or NSICU 4 wks
  • MICU or TSICU or NSICU 4 wks



Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Sandra Mirabal Email: Phone: +1 505 272 6524 Fax: +1 505 272 6503

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