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Pediatric GCS[1][2]

Eye Opening Verbal Motor
6: Normal spontaneous movement
5: Smiles, coos, babbles 5: Withdraws to touch
4: Opens eyes spontaneously 4: Irritable, crying (but consolable) 4: Withdraws to pain
3: Opens eyes to speech only 3:Inconsolable crying or crying only in response to pain 3: Abnormal flexion to pain (Decorticate response)
2: Opens eyes to pain only 2: Moans in response to pain 2: Abnormal extension to pain (Decerebrate response)
1: Does not open eyes 1: No response 1: No response


  • For Motor score 4, pain is defined flat, fingernail pressure (often performed with the barrel of a pencil).
  • For Motor scores 2 and 3, pain is defined by pressing hard on the supraorbital notch. If this unsuccessful, sternal pressure may also be attempted.
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