Ronald Regan DEM administrative portal

RR ED Phone Numbers

ED numbers

Main attending 78447
U3 attending 78448
Senior res 78449
Junior res 78450
U3 res 78451
Intern 78393
Triage hospitalist 79873


Radiology operator 78700
CT PM reading 78737
GI/ABD reading 78737
Neuro reading 78729
Chest reading 78704
CT tech 78786
Xray tech 78703
MRI 78745
US 78796


RR operator 66766
CWA 78407
Bed control 56922
Blood Bank 78150
RR Lab 78100
ED LAB 78159
Pharm ER 77219
Pharm RR 77621
Social Work 79805
CM 797639
RT 78912



CCU p90080

J (liquid onc) p90050

MICU p90090

Neuro Gen p89114

Neuro Stroke p90130

Renal non transplant p96110

Renal transplant p96220

Psych p95722


C (onc) p90021

ENT p89060

Face: even days ENT; Odd days plastics

Gyn p90595

Liver p89190

Neurosurg p94320

OB p95944

Optho p33887

Ortho p88003

Plastics p89074

Spine: even days neurosurgery; odd days ortho

Trauma R1 76453/p95549

Trauma R3 76454 / p95550

U (colorectal ) p90022

Urology p89045

Vascular p90065

Medicine Admission Criteria


Arrhythmias: known a.fib & stable, medicine; new onset or unstable, CCU

Rule out MI: low risk, OBS; low risk not obs appropriate, Medicine; high risk, CCU

Syncope: low risk, OBS; moderate risk, Medicine; high risk, CCU

s/p Heart Transplant: CCU

HTN Emergency: CCU

CHF: mild, medicine; new onset or severe, CCU


Asthma: mild, OBS; moderate, Medicine; severe, MICU

CAP: mild, OBS; moderate, medicine; severe, MICU

Pulm HTN: mild-moderate, Medicine; severe, MICU

s/p Lung transplant: mild-moderate, Medicine; severe, MICU

Pulm Fibrosis: mild-moderate, Medicien; severe, MICU


Gastroenteritis: mild, OBS; mod-severe, Medicine

PO Intolerance: mild or known cause, OBS; unknown cause or severe, Medicine

ERCP: Medicine

Upper/Lower GI Bleed: Stable with HGB >/= 7, Medicine; Active or HGB <7, MICU


Sx Anemia: known dx or admit for tx only, OBS; new dx, Medicine

Neutropenia/Fever: J patient, J service; not a J patient, Medicine

ALL: J service,

AML: J service,

s/p BMT: J service,

Solid Tumors: SMH; unless not a Solid One Patient or Patient refused transfer, Medicine


Hyponatremia: Na >/= 120, Medicine; Na <120, MICU

Hypernatremia: Na </= 160, Medicine; Na > 160, MICU

Hypokalemia: K>/= 2.5, Medicine; K<2.5, MICU

Hyperkalemia: K</= 6, Medicine, K>6, MICU

s/p Renal Transplant: stable, Medicine



Myxedema Coma: MICU

Thyroid Storm: MICU


Cellulitis: stable, OBS; if DM, PVD, immunocompromised or involving hand, Medicine


EtOH Withdrawal: mild&uncomplicated, OBS; moderate, Medicine; Severe, MICU

Neuro Checks: >q2h, Medicine; </= q2h, MICU

Frequent Labs: <q4h, MICU

Suctioning: >q1h, Medicine; </=q1h, MICU

Medicine Bed Requests / Sign-Outs / Transfers / Misc

Bed Requests

24 hours a day, place bed request prior to calling hospitalist.

5pm to 7am: call hospitalist; If hospitalist does not agree with bed request they change the bed request.

7am to 5pm: do not call hospitalist unless OBS admission or dispo questions; if medicine team disagrees with dispo they change the bed request.

Sign Outs

5pm to 7am: place bed request, call hospitalist. give a one line sign-out. medicine team will then call you for full sign out.

7am to 5pm: place bed request, a medicine team will call you; unless OBS, call hospitalist.

at all times, if team disagrees with bed request, that team will change bed request and sign out to team they think is most appropriate, ED not responsible for changing bed request or re-signing out to another team, this includes OBS sign-outs

Capped Services

5pm to 7am: All medicine admissions should be through triage hospitalist who will redirect admissions based on capped services.

7am to 5pm: if CCU, MICU or J service are capped, they will let hospitalist know, hospitalist will inform CWA who will let ED know to follow the below changes in bed requests.

If Capped:

COU admissions to be changed to Medicine with Cardiology c/s

CCU admissions to change to MICU or next available ICU bed

MICU admissions to next available ICU bed

J service admissions to change to Medicine

Santa Monica Transfers

If ED states “Not appropriate for transfer” but hospitalist or case manager disagree, hospitalist will change this designation. If CM disagrees with ED decision on appropriateness of transfer, they are to call hospitalist, not ED team to discuss.

Next Day Follow-Up

Evaluation and Treatment Center in Santa Monica:
1245 16th Street Suite 125
Direct Line : 310-899-7440
What is it? Urgent Care Type Center with expanded resources)

How to be seen there?
Scheduling a patient to be assessed by an MD the following day after an ED Visit can be accomplished by calling the Direct Line above.
1)Patients will be provided an appointment time Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM
2) Patients may also “walk in” to the evaluation without an appointment Monday through Friday 5:00PM to 9:00PM; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays walk in patients are seen 9:00AM to 5:00PM
3) MD orders are not required for these appointments as the evaluating MD would assess the patient for ongoing medical needs

Nurses Service ONLY Appointments
1) Patients who require care that a registered nurse can provide may be scheduled for RN Services only
2) These appointments are also scheduled at the number above, however would require orders from a treating physician
a) Care such as IV hydration
b) IV Antibiotics

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