PERC rule


  • Use only if you would be confident in excluding PE with a neg D-dimer
  • If all are present AND low suspicion for PE, no D-dimer needed:

PERC Rule Calculator

Check all of the following that are true:

  • Age <50yr
  • Pulse ox >94% (room air)
  • HR <100
  • No prior PE or DVT
  • No recent surgery or trauma (within prior 4wk)
  • No hemoptysis
  • No estrogen use
  • No unilateral leg swelling

In patients with low suspicion for PE (best-guess pre-test probability <15%) AND all are true, only 0.9% had PE (n=7527) and it can be ruled-out without further testing (i.e. no need for d-dimer)[1][2]


  • Validated on 7527 patients
    • Only 0.9% had PE when PERC negative, no deaths

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  2. Kline JA, et al. Prospective multicenter evaluation of the pulmonary embolism rule-out criteria. J Thromb Haemost 2008; 6: 772–80. (PMID: 18318689).