Los Angeles Community Resources For Patients


For patients in Los Angeles, there are many community resources. While we as Emergency Medicine providers may not have the time to engage fully in addressing their non-medical needs, an awareness of the existing resources may be beneficial in directing the patient to community resources committed to helping them address their non-medical needs.

Please note: We are providers are not permitted to share information regarding a patient to any non-essential member of the care team for that patient (this constitutes a HIPAA violation) without the patient's consent. As such, it is advisable to approach the patient and offer the patient the resources and allow the patient to initiate the contact for your own protection.

Clinical Features

The Triumph Foundation assists patients with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. They assist patients with acute injuries and can dispatch a person who has sustained a similar injury with similar demographics to the patient's room while the patient is still in the hospital. They also can assist with non-acute injuries and plug the patient into the persons with disabilities community.

External Links

Triumph Foundation Founder and Provider Willing to Give Out His Cell Phone for All Physicians that would like to connect their patients to the foundation: Andrew Skinner 661-803-3700 https://triumph-foundation.org/