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The Regions Emergency Medicine Residency is sponsored by the HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research (The Institute). The Institute is the clinical learning arm of HealthPartners and consists of Health Professional Education, the Center for Graduate and Undergraduate Clinical Education which administers residencies at Regions Hospital, HealthPartners Simulation and Regions Hospital Medical Library. The Vice President and Executive Director for Health Professional Education is Felix Ankel, MD, who is also the Regions Hospital designated institution official and former program director for the emergency medicine residency.


  • Department Chair: Kurt Isenberger, MD
  • Program Director: Cullen Hegarty, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director:
  • Research Director: Michael Zwank, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Regions Hospital

Secondary Hospital

Children's Hospital and Clinics - St. Paul

Tertiary Hospital

Children's Hospital and Clinics - Minneapolis



  • EM/EMS/Anesthesia/US 20.8 weeks
  • MICU 4 weeks
  • SICU 5.2 weeks
  • Orthopedics 4 weeks
  • Pediatric EM 4 weeks
  • Ob/GYN 4 weeks
  • Toxicology 3 weeks
  • Cardiology 2 weeks
  • Hospitalist/Palliative Care 2 weeks


  • Emergency Medicine 26.6 weeks
  • SICU 5.2 weeks
  • Community EM 4 weeks
  • Pediatric EM 5.2 weeks
  • MICU 4 weeks
  • Surgical Subspecialty 4 weeks


  • Emergency Medicine 34.8 weeks
  • Pediatric EM 4 weeks
  • Community EM 4 weeks
  • SICU 5.2 weeks
  • Elective 4 weeks



Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Amy Koonce Email: Phone: 651 254 5091 Fax: 651 254 5216

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