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Residents employed by Los Angeles County - Harbor-UCLA and LAC-USC - joined the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) Union in 1997.


  • Regional Vice President: Hannah Janeway
  • Delegates:
    • Daniela Delgado, Family Medicine
    • Erica Barrios, OB/GYN
    • Danny Kim, Family Medicine
    • Atijah Collins, OMFS
    • Hannah Janeway, Emergency Medicine
    • Sara Sahl, Pediatrics


  • Personal Benefits: CIR Benefits Page
    • GYM/FITNESS: 24 hr fitness Discount Page. They waive the initiation fee and reduce your monthly payment.
    • Vision: Davis Vision free eye exam and discounted frames/lenses/contacts every year.You will receive your Davis vision Card in the mail at beginning of residency. Find a Provider
    • Scrubs: You are entitled to 6 pairs of scrubs and 2 white coats. You can either exchange two at a time using the scrub machines or as many as you want in the linen room but you cannot do both.
    • Gap Insurance: Your health insurance does not start right away. If you extend your current insurance via cobra, you can apply for reimbursement through CIR for up to $500. Fill out the following form Gap Insurance Reimbursement
    • Supplemental Dental: CIR will reimburse 20% of the charge to the insurance company, up to $1000. Supplemental Dental
    • Supplemental Medical: Reimburses copayments and helps cover gap between insurance coverage and total cost up to $1000. Supplemental Medical
    • Disability Insurance: CIR provides short term disability coverage. To file a claim Disability Claim
    • Dependents. To add to benefits [https://www.cirseiu.org/harbor-ucla-medical-center/

Grants/Conference Coverage/Workplace Dependents].

  • Patient Care Benefits'
    • Patient Care Fund: Yearly distribution of $990,000 for equipment felt necessary to improve patient care by Harbor UCLA residents. Each department submits requests and a counsel of residents representing all departments decides which requests get funded (Aug/Sept Yearly)
    • Quality Improvement Fund: Resident run fund that allocates $300,000 to support resident initiated quality improvement and population health grants. CIR QI Grants
    • Patient Safety and Education Conference Reimbursement: Up to 3,000 to cover attendance at a conference addressing patient safety QI Conference Scholarships
    • Biostatistician Support: CIR funded statistician to assist with resident research. You are eligible to receive 5 hours per project. CIR Stats
    • Poster Printing: CIR will print resident posters for conferences and events. Email the poster to asnow@cirseiu.org.
  • Getting Involved
    • Departmental Representation: Attending monthly meetings with GME director, bring information back to residents, attend bargaining sessions, work with administration on projects related to improving resident wellbeing and patient care .
    • Hospital Delegate: 6 Delegates and 2 alternates are elected each year in a hospital wide election. The delegates are the principle advocates with the administration, attend quarterly meetings with the country leadership, and are active in bargaining new contracts. You attend the yearly CIR conference where decisions are made on the national direction and priorities of CIR.
    • CIR executive committee: Including regional vice presidents, secretary, vice president and president work at the organizational level to uphold CIRs mission to empower our nation’s interns, residents and fellows to fight for excellence for our patients, our training and our healthcare system through organizing, collective bargaining and advocacy.
    • CIR Diversity and Inclusion Committee: New committee tasked with improving recruitment of under-represented minorities at Harbor.
    • Bargaining: Attend bargaining meetings during contract renegotiation years
    • CIR Patient Care Fund: Represent your department at the Patient Care Fund and decide how to allocate funds
    • CIR Quality Improvement Fund: Review applications and make awards for quality improvement and population health grants

Contact Information

  • Regional Director for CIR: Susan Naranjo
    • snaranjo@cirseiu.org

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