Harbor UCLA Resident Organizations

Wellness Committee

  • Resident Members: Kelsey Wilhelm, Diane Hsu, Chinwe Onu, John Campo, Cameron Araghi, Julie Anderson, Lauren Fryling, Nadav Nahumi, Michael Tetweiler, Jennifer Fang, Brittany Mull, Sydney Beck, Andy Thorne, Megan Guy
  • Mission Statement: To improve the health, well-being, and sense of community for Harbor UCLA EM Residents by identifying sources of fatigue, moral injury, and system level challenges, while promoting the awareness of habits, resources, and opportunities that improve the quality of life of our residents.
  • Contact: Kelsey Wilhelm at kwilhelm@dhs.lacounty.gov if interested in joining!

Peer (Big-Little Sib) Mentor Program

  • Purpose: Mentoring program for residents, by residents. It exists to identify a peer that an individual can go to through the good times and the bad while, making it easier to get help should the need arise.
  • Format: Big Sibs (R3 paired with R1 and R4 paired with R2) provide mentorship and a welcomed meal for their little sibs while they are on the SICU rotation and throughout the year. They also perform "check-ins" in a format of their choice to assess their well-being.

Contact: Jennifer Fang and Lauren Fryling

Buddy Group Program

  • Purpose: A group of 2-3 faculty with 4 PGY 1-4 residents (one from each year) who take residents out for a meal or fun activity (mini-golf, hiking, pottery making - whatever floats your boat) every quarter, provides an additional point of contact for resident buddies, allows for peer mentoring within the buddy groups.
  • Contact: Dennis Hsieh

Sub-Intern Mentoring Program

  • Purpose: To help medical students interested in emergency medicine navigate their rotation at Harbor as well as a stressful interview season.
  • Mentor Requirements: Must be an R3 or R4, Two in person meetings as well as 1 text/phone call throughout the 3-4 week rotation
  • Contact: Julie Anderson, janderson2@dhs.lacounty.gov


  • Purpose: In an effort to recognize both the big and little moments of excellence both on and off shift, this system was born to show gratitude to our colleagues.
  • To shout out ED residents, fellows and faculty: residents, fellows by filling out a card and placing it in the box available in each doctor workroom.
  • To shout our ED staff (RN, Tech, clerk etc.): Place your paper "shout out" on any Visual Management Board
  • To Shout out another resident or staff member from another department: Send an email to akattan@dhs.lacounty.gov and CC cwilder@dhs.lacounty.gov. These will be sent weekly via Harbor Broadcast to the entire Harbor mailing list.
  • Contact: Kelsey Wilhelm, kwilhelm@dhs.lacounty.gov

Pet Therapy Program

  • Work in Progress currently, contact John Campo at Jcampo@dhs.lacounty.gov if you would like to be involved.

Women in EM Purpose: To empower and support women in EM. Cheese and Whine nights are held at resident and faculty homes to promote positive and supportive environments for women to discuss gender related issues, generate innovative solutions, and provide mentorship and avenues for advocacy. Dr. Birnbaumer also provides scholarships to go to the FeminEM FIX conference each year.

Wellness Reflections

  • Purpose: Anonymous email account where residents can submit personal essays, reflections or poetry that reflect the human experience of Harbor EM residents
  • How to:
  1. Login to the email address: Our.Reflection.MD@gmail.com
  2. PW:- TheBrave18
  3. Click “Compose”
  4. To:- Our.reflection.md@gmail.com
  5. Subject:- Title of your submission or leave this blank
  6. Body:- your reflection OR include as attachment
  7. Sign:- anonymous or if you really want sign your name
  8. Press Send
  9. DONE!!!

DEM Faculty

  • Department Wellness Champion: David Burbulys, dburbulys@dhs.lacounty.gov
  • Wellness Committee Faculty Mentor: Diane Birnbaumer, dbirnbaumer@dhs.lacounty.gov
  • H3: Sarah Lopez, SLopez4@dhs.lacounty.gov

Harbor UCLA Psychiatry

  • Ira Lesser, ilesser@dhs.lacounty.gov, 310-222-3137
  • David Stone, dcstone@g.ucla.edu
  • Substance Abuse Psych Liaison: john.tsuang@yahoo.com

Harbor Institution Support

  • If you're working >80hrs/wk off service: Anonymous Duty Hour Violation Hotline: 310-222-2695
  • If you get sued: Risk Management
  • H3 program support for second victim syndrome: Only accessible from the Harbor intranet at this time, contact Sarah Lopez for more information
  • Pathway for sexual harassment
  1. Tell an APD
  2. Harbor UCLA Human Resources: 424-306-4900
  3. County’s Office of Affirmative Action Compliance: 213-974-1251



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