Harbor:Respiratory isolation

21.3 Respiratory Isolation Patient Protocol[1]

All adult patients presenting to the DEM will be screened at the time of triage by a RN for risk factors, symptoms or complaints of respiratory/tuberculosis (TB) using the RIPT criteria in the EHR; five points or greater indicates the need for immediate initiation of the RIPT procedure.

  1. A mask will be placed on the patient and PA/Lateral chest x-ray will be ordered by the triage provider or nurse (with a DEM Attending on duty as ordering physician)
  2. The patient will be escorted to the radiology waiting area, and the triage nurse will hand off communication to the Area Charge Nurse (ACN).
  3. On completion of the chest x-ray, the ACN will follow-up with the R-3 or Attending Physician for interpretation of the chest x-ray. The decision to release the patient back to the waiting area or continue isolation in a designated isolation room will be made by the provider at that time.



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  1. Approved June 2015, Chappell 2/22/16