Harbor:Ordering a Formal Ultrasound

Current Process (Orchid Era)

  1. Order from "Place Orders" page in Orchid.
    1. Note to use the "Ultrasound-Radiology" menu and not the "Provider Ultrasound" menu
    2. Do not need to call the radiologist/ultrasound tech unless during "on call" hours below
  2. US tech hours
    1. An US tech is generally physically in the ED scanning M-F day and swing shifts, overnight Su-Th.
    2. The US tech is "on call" Fri night 1230-0800 Sat morning, Sat night 1830-0800 Sun morning and Sun night 1830-2300. During the times the US tech is on call, please call the radiologist to get them to page the tech, or page directly at 310-501-2554.

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