Harbor:Occupational exposure

  • Charge RN has the exposure packet (needs to be filled out to avoid employee getting the bill)
  • Use autotext ".edexposureharbor" for documentation template and guidance text on when to consult HIV service
  • Check Rapid HIV and Hep C RNA “HCV RNA RT_PCR Quantitative-PHL” on source patient (consent not needed if lab already has blood sample to add on test) and ensure employee has Hep B vaccine; no blood testing of the employee in the ED
    • If source patient refuses HIV, it can be added on to a pre-existing blood specimen but the results may not be shared with the patient
  • Call HIV service if source patient Rapid HIV is positive or is untestable AND was a clinically meaningful exposure (see occupational exposure template https://www.wikem.org/wiki/Harbor:_Macros_and_Autotext#Occupational_Exposure)
  • Message Erika Sweet at Employee Health after any exposure to ensure follow-up
  • Additional info in "INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENTS" section below

Harbor Management

  • Exposure during weekdays (non-holidays), from 7:00a-3:30p:
    • Send employee directly to Employee Health office for evaluation
      • Except if employee has sustained injury that warrants ED evaluation (i.e. laceration)
    • Goal time from exposure to Employee Health office < 15 minutes
    • Have provider for source patient call Employee Health at x2360
      • Gives NP in Employee Health a contact in case of labs need to be drawn on source patient
    • Do not draw any labs on source patient, unless asked to do so by the NP in Employee Health
  • Exposure during all other times:
    • Employee with potential blood-borne pathogen exposure should be evaluated in ED
    • Create and use "Occupational Exposure" dot-phrases to guide evaluation, assess risk, need for testing, and indications for obtaining ID/HIV consult
    • If exposure warrants rapid HIV test on the source patient, then must give source patient opportunity to opt out of HIV test

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