Harbor:Jeopardy Policy

Jeopardy System

Definitive policy

  • Criteria for activation of Jeopardy
    • Intended for personal illness, injury, or family deaths/illnesses
    • Not appropriate to be used for vacations, shift swaps, car problems, doctors/dentist appointments, hangovers, moonlighting conflicts, any event known more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Activation of Jeopardy
    • Contact the appropriate covering resident based on the below defined order
      • First contact jeopardy from your own class
      • Next in line varies based on type of shift, for Junior shifts the most junior resident should be contacted first. For senior shifts the most senior resident should be contacted first
    • Notify Christiane (310-463-0398) or Madonna (310-753-3027)
    • If the activating resident is unable to work for more than 2 days he/should notify Madonna immediately to begin working on long term coverage/leave.

While on Jeapordy

  • Must not be more than 2 hours from the hospital (from time called to arrival)
  • Must have phone on and available for contact 24/7
  • Must return missed phone calls or messages within 1 hour
  • Must be physically and mentally (ie sober) capable of working a shift at all times
  • Must have a backup plan for other responsibilities during jeopardy (such as childcare)
  • Cannot moonlight during jeopardy, subject to revoking of moonlighting privileges
  • Cannot turn down requests made in good faith by other residents
  • ED coverage takes priority over all other elective, selective, admin, ortho or EMS responsibilities
  • If first call doesn't respond, call second