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Discrepancy E-mail

USRoC Hours:

  • XR M-F 4p-8a
  • CT/US/MRI Fri 4p to Sun 8p, holidays 4p night before to 8p on holiday --> expected TAT 1 hour
  • CODE Stroke after hours or if no neuroradiologist is available in-house --> expected TAT 20 min

To: smunn@dhs.lacounty.gov; BKalantari@dhs.lacounty.gov; amlikotic@dhs.lacounty.gov; jkuo@dhs.lacounty.gov; akaji@dhs.lacounty.gov; tlittle@dhs.lacounty.gov; cavaughn@dhs.lacounty.gov; iclaudius2@dhs.lacounty.gov

On [Date], USROC contract radiologist [Radiologist Name] submitted an interpretation for a [type of study] for patient [last name, first name], MRUN [Insert MRUN].

After our review of the study and interpretation for clinical purposes, the Department of Emergency Medicine has identified the following potential quality problem(s): [ ] Accuracy of interpretation (may include omission of significant finding) [ ] Delay in interpretation [ ] Other (specify):

Following is relevant information on this case: [Insert clinical context and explanation of concern].

Therefore, we request that this study undergo a quality review as part of the Department of Radiology’s monitoring of the USROC contract.

Should you have questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact [Your Name] at [DHS Username]@dhs.lacounty.gov.

Thank you.

Dr. Lewis 5/2018

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