Harbor:Entering Prelim Radiology Read

      • Please enter a prelim read on ALL unread imaging (XR, US, CT without prelim or final read) so radiology knows to call if we missed something
      • In Synapse "notes" section write the following and "add new note"
        • "ED PRELIM [Your findings] [Your Name] [Your Spectra link Number]"
        • I.e., ED PRELIM - Fracture R distal radius. Peterson 23202
    • The 7am Triage Resident will review any discrepancies daily.
      • Go to Synapse --> DHS Enterprise Synapse --> Conferences --> Critical Findings --> ED Discrepancy
        • Open "preliminary" studies to view the discrepancy notes from the radiologist
          • If unclear of significance, ask an attending
          • If acting on discrepancy, please document a free-text "Imaging Follow-up" note and include the study type and date
            • I.e., "CXR on 8/15/17" demonstrated 6mm pulm nodule; messaged PCP to ensure f/up
            • I.e., "Head CT from 7/31/18 referred for follow-up on 8/1/18. Small subdural hematoma seen. Patient called and agrees to return to ED today."
          • If no action is needed, place a note in Orchid: "Radiology discrepancy reviewed - no follow-up required"
        • When finished with f/up, change the status in synapse by right-clicking on "preliminary" --> "shortcut status" --> "complete"

2/25/19 - Peterson/Chappell