Harbor:ED attending on call plan

When it becomes clear for any reason that an Attending Physician in the Adult or Pediatric ED will be unable to cover a scheduled shift due to illness or personal emergency, that physician should:

  1. Send out a group wide email in an attempt to find coverage, as time permits. The address backup@emedharbor.edu will reach all ED faculty, fellows, and adult and pediatric clinical attendings as well as Becki McKenzie and Veronica Lopez.
  2. Outside business hours, contact the attending on duty in emergency department, who will notify involved physicians that the shift extension backup plan is in effect (see section 5 below). Contact information for all ED physicians is available on our intranet website http://www.emedharbor.edu/private/
  3. During business hours, call the Department Offices at 310 222-3500 and inform Maria Figueroa, or if unavailable, Juno Chen. Maria (or Juno) will contact the Chair, or in his absence, one of the Vice Chairs, who will initiate an e-mail attempt to arrange coverage. If no coverage is found, the Chair or Vice Chairs will notify the attending in the emergency department to activate the shift extension backup plan.
  4. Part time hourly physicians and volunteer physicians are not obligated under this plan, but will be compensated for their time per their usual agreement should they decide to cover additional hours under this plan.
  5. Shift Extension Back-up Plan: When no coverage can be found - the physicians working the shifts before and after the missed shift will extend their shifts to 12 hours to cover the missed shift. AAED A-team physicians are responsible to cover A-team absences and AAED B-Team for B-Team absences, and PED team physicians cover PEDS team absences.
  6. In the event one of the covering physicians is a part-time physician and unable to extend their shift, the physician from the opposite team should extend their shift to 12 hours to help cover the missed shift.
  7. A full-time faculty member or Fellow will generally be responsible for making up the first 2 shifts missed from any single incident. At the discretion of the Chair, the requirement to make up subsequent shifts may be waived.
    • Faculty will not be required to pay back specific individuals who worked their missed shifts. Shift pay back will be accomplished through the regular scheduling process.
    • Faculty working extra to cover missed shifts should notify the scheduler to ensure appropriate credit is given.

(Dir of OPS 6/2/15, Upheld by Fulltime Faculty Vote on 5/10/16)

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