• Type: Antifungal, particularly used for aspergillosis and candidiasis
  • Dosage Forms: powder for injection
  • Dosage Strengths: 50mg/vial, 70mg/vial
  • Routes of Administration: IV
  • Common Trade Names: Cancidas

Adult Dosing

  • 50-150 mg IV daily

Pediatric Dosing

3 months or older

  • 50-70 mg/m(2) daily

Special Populations

Renal Dosing

  • Adult:
  • Pediatric:

Hepatic Dosing

  • Adult:
  • Pediatric:


  • Allergy to class/drug

Adverse Reactions




  • Half-life: 13-15 hours
  • Metabolism: spontaneous degradation, hydrolysis and N-acetylation
  • Excretion: Fecal, renal

Mechanism of Action

  • Inhibits beta (1,3)-D-glucan synthesis in fungal cell wall


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