Anti-platelet agent reversal

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  • Consider reversal of aspirin and clopidogrel in acute life threatening hemorrhage, but it is very controversial in ICH[1]
    • Risk of mortality from ICH on warfarin ~16-80%
    • Significantly higher mortality with either clopidogrel mono or dual-antiplatelet treatment in trauma patients[2]
    • Aspirin alone is predictor of higher mortality in spontaneous ICH[3]
  • PATCH trial in 2016 suggested mortality is higher in platelet transfused patients, alongside several other preceding studies[4]
    • 2.05 OR, increased odds of death at 3 months in platelet transfusion group
    • 190 ICH patients enrolled
      • Included patients with at least 7 days of antiplatelet therapy, including ASA, clopidogrel, dipyridamole
      • Excluded SDH, epidural hemorrhage, aneurysm, AVM, surgical evacuation of ICH within 24 hrs, thrombocytopenia < 100k, use of warfarin if INR > 2-3, infratentorial hematomas, large intraventricular hemorrhage
  • Anti-platelet medications to reverse:
  • Prevalence of immediate traumatic ICH in pts on clopidogrel 12% compared to 5% on warfarin[5]
    • May be confounded by patients on warfarin having low threshold for presenting with head injury to ED, but highlights high frequency of bleeds in patients on clopidogrel
    • However, no patients on clopidogrel had delayed ICH compared to ~1% pts on warfarin with delayed ICH
    • Delayed ICH defined as traumatic ICH within 2 weeks after initial normal CTH
  • Platelet aggregation recovery[6]:
    • Within 4 days of stopping aspirin
    • Takes 10 days for clopidogrel (life-span of a platelet)
      • When starting clopidogrel, takes 7 days to achieve max platelet inhibition[7]
      • If 350mg loading dose, platelet inhibition occurs within 2-5 hrs


  • If time permits, obtain initial platelet function assay for aspirin and clopidogrel
  • Reversal with combination of platelet transfusion, desmopressin
  • Limited evidence to support mortality improvement in reversal, but little evidence of harm[8]

Platelet transfusion

  • Volume
    • At least 5 units of platelets initially to reverse routine antiplatelet doses[9]
    • Consider significantly more platelets for those who were loaded with clopidogrel within the last week[10]

Desmopressin (DDAVP)[11]

  • 0.3 mcg/kg/dose in 50 cc NS over 30 min[12]
    • Quick onset of action, within 1 hr
    • Similar MOA to cryoprecipitate (increase factor VIII, vWF)
    • No transfusion complications of cryoprecipitate
    • However, effects only last up to 24 hrs, and tachyphylaxis limits efficacy repeated doses

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