Whole bowel irrigation

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  • LIMPS = Lithium, Iron, Metals, Packers/stuffer, Sustained release drugs (especially beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers)
  • Additional considerations:
    • Agents that cause bezoar or concretion formation
    • Paint chips containing lead
  • Be mindful that the addition of PEG to activated charcoal significantly decreases activated charcoal's adsorptive capacity


  • Preceding diarrhea
  • Ingestion of substances expected to result in significant diarrhea (except heavy metals)
  • Bowel obstruction (as evidenced by lack of bowel sounds)
  • avoid chilled solutions in neonates given risk for hypothermia


  • Give polyethylene glycol via NGT or PO (if tolerates) until rectal effluent is clear
    • Adult: 1.5-2 L/hr
    • Peds 6-12yr: 1 L/hr
    • Peds <6yr: 0.5 L/hr
    • Peds alt: 20-40 mL/kg/hr in young children

Give ondansetron or metoclopramide as needed for nausea/vomiting


  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Rectal irritation (from frequent bowel movements)

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