White phosphorus toxicity

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Dropping of white phosphorus bomb.
  • White phosphorus is classically among only 2 chemical burns (other is Hydrofluoric Acid) that required an antidote
    • The antidote of copper sulfate is controversial and is not universally recommended
  • Incendiary agent that spontaneously burns in air and used during WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korean wars; most recently in Iraq (OIF)
  • Usually not seen unless in military or patients exposed to fireworks
  • Damage due to both chemical and thermal burns
  • The lethal dose when white phosphorus is ingested orally is 1mg per kg of body weight[1][2]
  • Particles that penetrate tissue continue to cause caustic damage until debrided

Clinical Features

White phosphorus injuries

Differential Diagnosis

Chemical weapons



  • ABCs to secure airway especially if there is any sign of oral or facial burns.
  • Remove all O2 tanks and tubing from patient
  • As healthcare provider, avoid contact with ignited white phosphorus
  • Continuous irrigation and grossly debride (use Wood's lamp if available to fluoresce the white phosphorus)[3]
  • Wet dressings that cut off O2 exposure to remaining white phosphorus[4]
  • Monitor Calcium and Phosphorus levels
  • Copper sulfate
  • Update Tetanus


  • Transfer the the patient to a burn care center

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