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Their program has a specific focus on those areas of Emergency Medicine that they feel will become the future of our specialty. Therefore, the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at UTMC has a specific focus on global medicine, disaster medicine and administration and leadership. These are the areas of medicine where Emergency Medicine can and should play leadership roles on both a national and international stage.

As a resident at UTMC, you will have the opportunity to learn the practice of emergency medicine, as well as to participate as an educator.


  • Department Chair: Kristopher R Brickman, MD
  • Program Director: Edward Kakish, DO
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director:
  • Research Director:

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Promedica Toledo Hospital

Secondary Hospital

University of Toledo Medical Center

Tertiary Hospital

Promedica Flower Hospital



  • Orientation and Procedures (1 month)
  • CCU (1 month)
  • Anesthesiology (1 month)
  • Pediatrics (1 month)
  • Orthopedics (1 month)
  • Trauma (1 month)
  • MICU (1 month)
  • ED (4 months)
  • OB (1 month)


  • PICU (1 month)
  • ED (10 months)
  • Peds EM (1 month)


  • EMS/Disaster
  • ED Administration
  • ED (7 months)
  • Elective (3 months)



Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Lauren Monus Phone: +1 419 383 6369

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