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The mission of the Department of Emergency Medicine of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is to achieve true excellence as a national and international leader in research, teaching, and patient care for the field of Emergency Medicine. The Department strives to:

  • Deliver care which is compassionate and represents the collaboration of outstanding attending and resident physicians providing “state of the art,” evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury in emergency patients.
  • Provide superior education and training for Emergency Medicine residents and medical students.
  • Attract and train resident physicians who will assume leadership positions in the field of Emergency Medicine across the United States.
  • Perform funded clinical and basic research which is considered clinically important and innovative, and influences clinical practice in the field of Emergency Medicine.

The UC Department of Emergency Medicine, with a practice group known as University of Cincinnati Physicians Company at UC Health, is dedicated to providing emergency medical services of the highest quality to the people of the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Tristate region in the Emergency Departments of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Jewish Hospital, and West Chester Hospital. Practitioners in the Department believe that quality emergency services are built on a foundation of state-of-the-art patient care and high quality clinical research. The Department continuously strives to deliver care which is:

  • Compassionate, timely and efficient.
  • Delivered by the best qualified and rigorously trained physicians and allied health care providers.
  • Educational to patients and their families, which helps prevent further illness and injury.
  • Enhanced by the research mission of the Department.

Our emergency physicians, residents, hospitalists, advanced practice providers, emergency nurses, and prehospital care providers consider patient care, teaching and research integral to their mission. Ultimately, the Department strives to continue to serve as a national leader in the field of Emergency Medicine.


  • Department Chair: Arthur M. Pancioli, MD
  • Program Director: Erin E. McDonough, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Jeffery M. Hill, MD, MEd
  • Assistant Program Director: Ryan L. LaFollette, MD
  • Research Director: Gregory J. Fermann, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center - UC Health

Secondary Hospitals

  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • The Jewish Hospital - Mercy Health
  • West Chester Hospital - UC Health



  • Orientation: 1 month
  • Emergency Medicine: 4.5 months
  • Community EM: 2 weeks
  • Pediatric EM: 2 weeks
  • PICU: 1 month
  • MICU: 1 month
  • Orthopedics: 1 month
  • Plastic Surgery: 2 weeks
  • Ultrasound: 2 weeks
  • Anesthesia: 1 week
  • EMS: 1 week
  • Vacation: 1 month


  • Emergency Medicine: 6 months
  • Trauma: 1 month
  • Neuroscience ICU: 1 month
  • Cardiovascular ICU: 1 month
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology: 1 month
  • Elective: 1 month
  • Vacation: 1 month


  • Emergency Medicine: 8 months
  • Surgical ICU: 1 month
  • Plastic Surgery: 2 weeks
  • Elective: 1.5 months
  • Vacation: 1 month


  • Emergency Medicine: 7 months
  • Elective: 4 months
  • Vacation: 1 month



Contact Information

Residency Program Manager: Jim Griffis

Phone: +1 513 558 8114

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