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Founded in 1972, the University of Chicago Emergency Medicine Residency is the third oldest training program in the country. Program alumni have distinguished themselves by achieving leadership roles in the academic, teaching, political, and practice arenas of emergency medicine.

The emergency medicine program has a proud tradition at the University and has played a leadership role in developing the prehospital care system in Chicago, initiating the only hospital-based aeromedical transport system in the city, and contributing to the care of level I trauma patients.

Its university-based program is unique in that it is comprised of three level one trauma centers located in distinctly different socio-demographic settings. The patient population ranges from the newborn to the aged and reflects a mix of private and referral patients as well as the emergent care of the medically under served. This insures its residents an incredibly diverse, comprehensive clinical training experience in a three year training format.


  • Department Chair: Linda Druelinger, MD
  • Program Director: James Ahn, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Adriana Olson, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Navneet Cheema, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Jared Novack, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Isabel Malone, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

University of Chicago

Comer Children's Hospital

Secondary Hospital


Tertiary Hospital

NUH Glenbrook



  • EM-UCH- 3
  • EM-NUH- 1
  • PED EM-UCH- 1
  • PED EM-MTS- 1
  • Trauma Surgical ICU-MTS- 1
  • Trauma Service-MTS- 1
  • CCU-UCH- 1
  • MICU-UCH-1
  • ICU/CCU-NUH- 2 weeks
  • ANEST/NICU call (NUH or UCH) -1
  • Adult CCU/PED ICU-UCH-1.5
  • Vacation- 4 weeks


  • EM- Flight Physician UCH- 5
  • EM- NUH- 2
  • EM MTS- 2
  • PEDS EM UCH- 1
  • CCU -UCH -1
  • Toxicology Selective -1
  • Selective -1
  • Vacation- 4 weeks


  • EM- Flight Physician UCH -5
  • EM- NUH- 1.5
  • Ped ED- UCH- 1
  • Trauma ED- MTS- 1.5
  • Administrative/Teaching Resident -1.5
  • International Health/Elective -1.5
  • Vacation- 4 weeksips==

Contact Information

Residency Program Administrator: Lynne Harnish Email: Phone: +1 773 702 9109 Fax: +1 773 702 3135

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