Traumatic foley catheter removal


Penis anatomy
The human male urethra laid open on its anterior (upper) surface.
Transverse section of the penis.
  • Altered male patient pulls out Foley catheter with the balloon still inflated

Clinical Features

  • Usually blood at the meatus

Differential Diagnosis

Genitourinary Trauma


  • Clinical


  • Little prospective epidemiological data on type of injury or management
  • Does not usually result in massive urethral injury
  • Suggested approach
    • Gently pass another Foley catheter
      • Avoids urethral obstruction by tears or clots and allows healing of urethral trauma
      • Irrigate bladder to remove blood
    • If does not gently pass, consult urology



  • Large ace bandage around patient's leg to obscure the majority of the catheter
  • Decoy Catheter(s)
    • Tuck real catheter between patient's legs and taped it to the back of leg
    • Tuck one to multiple dummy Foleys that the patient can reach (and intermittently pull on to keep busy) [1]

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