Testicular rupture


Scrotal anatomy
Testicular anatomy
  • Most commonly result of blunt trauma
  • Typically MVA or sports related inury

Clinical Features

  • Testicular pain
  • Scrotal swelling
  • Scrotal hematoma or ecchymosis

Differential Diagnosis

Lower GU Trauma

Testicular Diagnoses


Transverse images of the left testis demonstrate a hypoechoic linear area (arrow) indicative of a testicular fracture in a patient with history of scrotal trauma. Associated hematocele (curved arrow) is also noted.


  • Urologic consultation
  • Emergent scrotal exploration and testicular repair[2]
    • 90% of testicles salvaged when repaired < 72 hr from injury
    • 45% salvage rate after 72 hours


  • Normally admission

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