Steroid induced psychosis


  • In 718 hospitalized patients, 4.6% of patients on 40 mg or higher per day of prednisone had psychiatric symptoms[1]
    • Incidence rises to 18.4% for patients receiving more than 80 mg per day
  • Mechanism unproven but thought to be increased dopamine due to induction of tyrosin hydroxylase by corticosteroids[2]

Clinical Features

  • Time of onset variable
    • Median onset after 11.5-12.5 days[3][4]
    • Case reports of psychosis within one day after exposure to steroids
  • Wide range of possible psychiatric symptoms
    • Delusions or hallucinations
    • Euphoria
    • Mania, depression, anxiety
    • Severe cases may present with suicidal ideation, violence, aggression

Differential Diagnosis

Altered mental status

Diffuse brain dysfunction

Primary CNS disease or trauma




  • Diagnosis of exclusion
  • DSM 5 diagnostic criteria
    • Must include hallucinations or delusions after steroid exposure[5]
    • Other causes cannot explain symptoms


  • Consider AMS workup


  • Cease offending agent or taper depending on clinical need for corticosteroids vs psychiatric complications
    • Onset of relief of symptoms vary widely, with some improving within 24 hours or as long as 8 weeks at the longest
    • Discontinuing immediately, as opposed to tapering, contributed to quicker resolution of symptoms
  • Antipsychotics mediate dopamine D2 receptor, correlating with possible mechanism of steroid induced psychosis
  • Consult psychiatry for duration of medication treatment


  • Admission for severe cases
  • Possible discharge for mild cases, consider short supply atypical antipsychotics and close follow up

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