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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital Program

Welcome to the Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) Emergency Medicine Residency Program! SIUH is an incredible place to do your residency. Our hospital consists of two sites (North and South) which are two of only three hospitals on Staten Island. SIUH North is a level-I trauma center, a STEMI center with a 24-hour cath lab, a regional burn center, and a stroke center. SIUH South is a community-based hospital with a faster pace and limited back-up services available. Here you will be exposed to real-life community-based emergency medicine.

We are committed to training some of the best residents in emergency medicine. We know you will be the ones caring for our loved ones when they are sick or injured, and we will train you to that high standard. We have a strong faculty of emergency medicine trained physicians who are eager to share their expertise and experience with you. Fellowship-trained physicians will teach you the subspecialties including pediatrics, toxicology, and ultrasound. SIUH has its own EMS service and you will provide on-line medical control to several ambulance services in the area. Throughout your rotations, you will receive superb training in all of emergency medicine, with intense focus on pediatrics and critical care. You will also be taught all emergency procedures in a structured and methodical way.


  • Department Chair: Brahim Ardolic, MD, FACEP
  • Program Director: Moshe Weizberg, MD, FACEP
  • Associate Program Director: Abbas Husain, MD , FACEP
  • Assistant Program Director: Billy Caputo, MD
  • Assistant Program Director: Irina Aleshinskaya, DO
  • Director of Medical student education: Lukasz Cygan

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

SIUH North

Secondary Hospital

SIUH South



  • Orientation (1)
  • EM I (3)
  • Pediatric EM I (2)
  • ED Trauma/Critical Care (1)
  • CCU (1)
  • MICU (1)
  • ENT (0.5)
  • Hand (0.5)
  • OB (0.5)
  • NICU (0.5)
  • Anesthesia (0.5)
  • Ultrasound I (0.5)
  • Vacation (1)


  • EM II (4)
  • Pediatric EM II (2)
  • Community Based EM (1)
  • SICU (1)
  • Toxicology (1)
  • Radiology (0.5)
  • MICU II (0.5)
  • Ultrasound II (0.5)
  • Burn (0.5)
  • EMS (0.5)
  • Research (0.5)
  • Vacation (1)


  • EM III (5.5)
  • Pediatric EM III (1)
  • Community Based EM (2)
  • Elective (2)
  • Administration (1)
  • Research II (0.5)
  • Vacation (1)
  • Peds Anesthesia: (10)



  • Administration
  • Global Health
  • Ultrasound

Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Jennifer Cohen Email: Phone: +1 718 226 1548 Fax: +1 718 226 8447

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