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By way of history, their program was born in 1991, when they accepted their first 8 residents. The residency was conceived as a combined program with the academic center of Stanford University and its medical center; Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Santa Clara, a community-based teaching hospital; and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the second busiest county hospital ED in the state. This combination of work environments has proven successful at preparing physicians to work in any emergency department environment, as well as allowing residents to experience diverse environments to find a place in which they would like to pursue their careers. Over the past 25 years their patient volumes have almost doubled at these three institutions. Residents now have access to over 250,000 patients per year, and their two level-1 trauma centers (Stanford Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) have over 5,000 trauma activations each year.


  • Department Chair: S.V. Mahadevan, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • Program Director: Sarah Williams, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director:
  • Research Director: James Quinn, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Stanford Health Care

Secondary Hospital

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center

Tertiary Hospital

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center



  • Orientation/EM (4 weeks)
  • EM (12 weeks)
  • Peds EM (4 weeks)
  • NICU (2 weeks)
  • Trauma/Gen Surg (7 weeks)
  • Ortho (4 weeks)
  • Ob/Gyn (3 weeks)
  • Med ICU (4 weeks)
  • CCU (4 weeks)
  • Ultrasound (1 week)
  • Anesthesia (3 weeks)
  • Scholarly Project (1 week)
  • Vacation (3 weeks)


  • EM (37 weeks)
  • SICU (3 weeks)
  • Med ICU (4 weeks)
  • Peds EM (4 weeks)
  • Scholarly Project (1 week)
  • Vacation (3 weeks)


  • EM (36 weeks)
  • Peds EM (3 weeks)
  • EMS (1 week)
  • Elective (8 weeks)
  • Scholarly Project (1 week)
  • Vacation (3 weeks)



Contact Information

Residency Program Coordinator: Krista Fukumoto Email: Phone: +1 650 723 6269 Fax: +1 650 723 0121

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