Shifa International Hospital at Islamabad


The residency program at Shifa international Hospital was started in 2011. College of Physicians and Surgeon Pakistan approved Emergency Medicine as a discipline for the training in 2010. Consultants of Shifa International Hospital and Aga Khan hospital worked hard to make it a success. Now the department has 50 bedded patient's care area. The triage is done through ESI(Emergency Severity Index). Resuscitation has three beds. The ED is moderately busy and sees all kinds of patients including trauma. The department does provide stroke thrombolysis, and is part of the team providing complete cardiac care, with primary PCI and angioplasty.

College of Physicians and Surgeon Pakistan has started a program to send trainees for a two year rotation to Ireland. This has resulted in 3 of the senior Residents now enrolled and doing their two year rotation in Ireland. Quite a few trainees have utilized this path to obtain the training as part of the FCPS.

The department also supports and trains post graduate trainees for the Membership of Royal College of Physicians and also Royal College of Emergency Medicine UK. The Department has a very strong training aspect with running programs for BLS, ACLS, BTLS and extensive hands on opportunities within department as well as outside the department. Department has conducted courses in different parts of the country and has trained different departments in above skills.

The Hospital is JCIA accredited institution and is a leader in care and training especially in Emergency Medicine.


  • Department Chair: Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
  • Program Director: Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Huma Husnain, MBBS, MRCP
  • Research Director: Abdul Sattar

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Shifa International Hospital main Campus at H 8/4 Islamabad.

Secondary Hospital


We use 1 month block as opposed to weekly blocks. The whole training duration is 5 years.


Emergency Department 6 months

Anesthesia 3 months

Critical care 2 months

Vacation 1 month


Critical care 1 month

Pediatrics 3 months

Medicine 3 months

Surgery 3 months

ENT/EYE 1 month

Vacation 1 month


Emergency Department 9 months

Electives 2 months

Vacations 1 month


Emergency Department 10 months

Elective 1 month

Vacations 1 month


Emergency Department 10 months

Elective 1 month

Vacation 1 month


Prehospital care.


No fellowship provision so far.

Contact Information

  • Phone number: +92518463009.
  • Email address

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