Saint Agnes Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency


We received ACGME Initial Accreditation in April 2020 and Continued Accreditation in August 2022 and matched our inaugural class of Emergency Medicine Interns in March 2021. Located in Fresno, California, our 3-year Community-based Emergency Department sees approximately 90,000 patients each year, supported by our dynamic group of skilled Emergency Medicine Faculty. Our program emphasizes hard work, a commitment to service, and excellence in patient care.


  • Department Chair: Alan Givertz, MD
  • Program Director: Jesse Kellar, MD, MBA
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Camie Sorensen MD, MPH
  • Research Director: Ashley Garispe, DO

Training Locations

Primary Hospital: Saint Agnes Medical Center



The first year is demanding but provides residents with well-rounded experiences in both traditional internship rotations and emergency medicine. Residents will develop their core medical knowledge in order to formulate critical decisions in the Emergency Department.

Emergency Medicine – 7 months

Critical Care/ICU – 1 month

Trauma – 1 month

Obstetrics/Gynecology – 1 month

Anesthesia – 1 month

Orthopedics – 1 month


The second year is focused on improving the residents' ability to manage patient flow in the Emergency Department and develop academic competency through supervising/teaching junior residents and students.

Emergency Medicine – 4 months

Critical Care/ICU – 1 month

Pediatric ICU – 1 month

Pediatric Orthopedics – 1 month

Pediatric Emergency Medicine – 1 month

Emergency Medical Services – 1 month

Interventional Radiology – 1 month

Ultrasound – 1 month

Trauma – 1 month


In the final year, residents will refine their ability to problem-solve, perfect patient disposition and provide efficient medical care. Each resident will be given time to examine their own personal academic interests through elective and research rotations. In addition, an administrative block will enable each resident to experience different supervisory roles required within an Emergency Department.

Emergency Medicine – 6 months

Research – 1 month

Administration – 1 month

Elective – 1 month

Critical Care/ICU – 1 month

Pediatric Emergency Medicine – 2 months









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