Rutgers New Jersey Medical School


Education — Our resident didactics are in a "Hybrid” format: We believe that all residents do not learn the same way. Therefore, we have adopted a "hybrid" learning format whereby multiple different teaching modalities are employed including: Traditional lecture format Interactive audience-response system based presentations Case conferences Simulation Skills workshops Flipped classroom methodologies

Research — Research funding at NJMS has doubled since 1996. During fiscal year 2004, funding reached an unprecedented $103.9 million - a 17% increase over the previous year. This funding is coupled with an impressive list of groundbreaking discoveries by a world-class cadre of researchers.

Patient Care — In addition to employing state-of-the-art treatment tools and innovations, clinical care at NJMS is provided in a variety of in- and out-patient settings. These facilities offer patients unparalleled care in convenient and welcoming environments.

Community Outreach — In addition to providing vital healthcare information and services to the community through neighborhood outreach programs and health centers, NJMS continues to expand and support initiatives that provide career opportunities and help our neighbors achieve personal success. Newark is a significantly underserved area with significant socio-economic challenges. To be effective in the care of our ED patients we need to understand them and the resources available (or not available) to them. Residents have extensive exposure to the circumstances in which our patients reside and seek healthcare. For example, during our community rotation residents work with an inter-disciplinary team including students (health-related professions, medicine, nursing and public health), nurses, nurse practitioners and community health workers, with supervision from EM faculty involved in Community/Urban Health. Residents are introduced to the complex problems of health care delivery to marginalized and underserved populations, along with affording them an opportunity to improve their skills in cultural competency, community empowerment and interdisciplinary communication.


  • Department Chair: Lewis Nelson
  • Program Director: Harsh Sule
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Mike Anana, Rebecca Goett
  • Research Director: Steve Keller

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

University Hospital, Newark, New Jersey



  • Intro to EM 1
  • ED 6 (Peds & Adult)
  • Anesthesia 1
  • MICU 1
  • CCU 1
  • EMS .5
  • OMFS .5
  • Ultrasound .5
  • Optho .5
  • Vacation 1
  • Trauma 1


  • ED (Peds & Adult) 6.5
  • OB 1
  • SICU 1
  • Neonatal ICU 1
  • Community Health .5
  • Neurology .5
  • Orthopedics .5
  • Scholarly Track/ Elective 1
  • Vacation 1


  • ED (Peds & Adult) 8.5
  • Toxicology 1
  • Ultrasound 0.5
  • Research 0.5
  • Burn 0.5
  • Scholarly Track/ Elective 1
  • Vacation 1


  • ED (Peds & Adult) 8
  • Pediatric hospital 1
  • Teaching/ Administration 1
  • Community hospital 1
  • Scholarly Track/ Elective 1
  • Vacation 1



Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Eleanor Hughes Email: Phone: +1 973 972 9261

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