Pediatric developmental milestones

Age (months) Motor Visual/Problem Solving Language Social
1 slight head raise visually fixes alert to sound regards face
2 holds up head visually follows past midline social smile recognizes parent
3 holds head steady responds to visual threat coos reaches fo objects
4 rolls front to back reaches with arms in unison laughs, orients to voice looks around environment
5 sits supported transfers objects "ah-goo"
6 sits unsupported unilateral reach babbles recognizes strangers
7 creeps inspects objects orients to bell finger-feeds
8 crawls inspects objects Mama/dada
9 pulls to stand pincer grasp, holds bottle Mama/dada descriminately explores environment
12 walks alone mature pincer grasp 2 additional words comes when called
15 creeps up stairs scribbles, 2-block tower 4-6 words uses spoon independently
18 runs, throws from standing 3-block tower 2 word combinations plays with other children
21 squats, walks up stairs 5-block tower 50 words asks for food/toilet
24 walks up & down steps removes shoes, pants, etc pronouns parallel play