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The Residency at Madigan is the Army's premier training program for Emergency Medicine. Madigan has been developing exceptional emergency physicians since its inception in 1980. Our program is demanding, but the atmosphere is one of teamwork and camaraderie. The program leadership recognizes the challenges of residency, and supports an environment of mutual support among the residents. Our graduates are prepared to practice emergency medicine anywhere in the world, pass their board exams, and assume leadership positions in the Army and beyond.


  • Department Chair: LTC Shane Summers, MD
  • Program Director: LTC Jillian Phelps, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: LTC Paul Schunk, MD, MAJ Justine Stremick MD, MAJ Katey Bettencourt MD
  • Research Director: MAJ Joshua Oliver, MD
  • Clerkship Director: Simeon Ashworth DO

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

  • Madigan Army Medical Center

Affiliated Centers

  • Harborview Medical Center
  • Legacy Emanuel Medical Center (Portland, OR)
  • Multicare Good Samaritan
  • Multicare Mary Bridge Children's Hospital
  • Providence St. Peter's Hospital
  • Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center (Spokane, WA)
  • University of Washington Medical Center
  • Washington Poison Center



Emphasis is on developing a solid foundation of Emergency Medicine knowledge and an expert approach to the Emergency Department patient. Rotations include an Orientation Month (including a cadaver procedures course in Houston, TX and Advanced Wilderness Life Support,) 6 blocks in the Madigan ED, 1 block in the UWED, 1 block of Trauma (Harborview, Seattle) and 1 block each of OB, Anesthesia, Ultrasound, and UW MICU.


Emphasis is on developing efficiency in the ED, procedural expertise, and more independent practice as the resident demonstrates competency with increasingly complex patients. Rotations include 6 blocks in the Madigan ED, 1 block in the UWED, 1 block in a community ED (St. Peters, Olympia), and 1 block each of Trauma (Legacy, Portland), Neurosurgical ICU (Harborview, Seattle), Cardiology, Pediatric EM (Mary Bridge, Tacoma), and Toxicology/EMS/Research.


Emphasis is on the refinement of skill with orchestrating the care of multiple complex patients simultaneously, directing and teaching junior physicians, departmental leadership, literature appraisal, and evidence-based medicine. Rotations include 5 blocks in the Madigan ED, 1 block in a local community ED, and 1 block each of Trauma and Trauma ICU (Level I Seattle Trauma Center), Pediatric EM, Madigan ICU, community EM selective, Pediatric ICU, an elective, and a variable amount of time as Chief Resident or Assistant Chief Resident


  • Emergency Ultrasound

Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Cindy Kirker

Phone: +1-253-968-2997

Clerkship Director: Dr. Simeon Ashworth


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