Isolated ulna fracture

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  • Also known as a "nightstick" fracture
    • Characteristic defensive fracture sustained when the patient tries to protect themselves from an overhead blow
  • Most often due to direct trauma

Clinical Features

  • Pain/swelling, deformity

Differential Diagnosis

Forearm Fractures


  • Assess distal pulse, motor, and sensation
  • 2-view forearm x-ray


  • Stable: short arm cast
  • Long arm posterior splint with 90 degrees of elbow flexion and the hand in a neutral position
  • Unstable: ORIF
    • >50% displacement
    • >10% angulation
    • Involvement of proximal 1/3


  • If splinted and stabilized, can be discharged after consultation with Ortho
  • Admit for:

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