Hip bursitis

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Trochanteric Bursitis


  • Trochanteric bursa lies between gluteus maximus and posterolateral greater trochanter
  • Most common in female runners and elderly women (rheumatoid arthritis)

Clinical Features

  • Pain when lying on affected side
  • Pain worsened by walking and climbing stairs
  • Pain over greater trochanter (posterolateral hip pain)
  • Pain to resisted abduction or adduction of hip

Iliopsoas Bursitis

Clinical Features

  • Pain with extension of hip
  • Tenderness over middle third of inguinal ligament in area of femoral pulse

Ischial Bursitis


  • Occurs most often in sedentary patients who sit on a hard surface for long periods of time

Clinical Features

  • Pain is present over the ischial prominence
  • Pain is increased in the sitting position

Iliopectineal Bursitis


  • Bursa is interposed between the hip joint and iliopsoas muscle

Clinical Features

  • Pain sensed over the anterior pelvis and groin on the affected side
  • Increased pain with hip extension


Differential Diagnosis

Hip pain

Acute Trauma


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