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The goal of the Global Emergency Medicine Curriculum Project is to become the go-to place for emergency medicine curriculum development. Like any Wiki, it is open to all who wish to contribute. The emphasis is on Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed). This is NOT a textbook of emergency medicine. It is a catalog of on-line resources. To read and contribute to the open-access textbook, go to Notes by Category in the left column. The Global Curriculum Project is a living resource in constant flux as new data becomes available and older data becomes obsolete.

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  • Please include "GEMC: Note Name" before the name of each GEMC note (to keep them easily separate from quick treatment notes). WikEM does not currently support video or PowerPoint presentations, so the GEMC notes should include external links to video or presentations hosted elsewhere.
  • See Updating and Creating Notes on WikEM for general information on creating and editing notes on WikEM
  • This is the current template outline for GEMC

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