Forearm fracture

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This page is for adult patients. For pediatric patients, see: forearm fracture (peds)


Left arm, anterior view of radius and ulna.
Left arm, posterior view of radius and ulna.
  • Solitary fractures of the forearm are uncommon
    • Fractures usually occur at two or more sites or also involve a ligamentous injury

Forearm Fracture Types

Clinical Features


Management & Disposition

Forearm Fracture Management Table

Fracture Splint Disposition
Radial head fracture



Monteggia fracture-dislocation (ulnar shaft w/prox radioulnar disloc) Emergent ortho for ORIF
Galeazzi fracture (distal radius w/distal ulnar disloc) Emerg. ortho for ORIF
Elbow dislocation Long arm posterior splint after reduction If associated fracture emergent ortho consult
Forearm fracture Sugar Tong Splint
Colle's fracture (distal radius with dist dorsal angulation) Sugar Tong Splint
Smith fracture (reverse colles with volar angulation) Sugar Tong Splint

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